Wednesday, June 6, 2012

ICSP Connection

ICSP Connection

In Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP) is the most common way to connect the programmer to the target PIC. This way, a 5-pin header has to be connected to the corresponding pins on the target board, having the following connections:

Pin on Programmer Description
VPP The programming voltage, 12V = programming, 5V = run, 0V = reset
VDD 5V power supply, can be left open if the target is self-powered.
PGD Programming Data pin
PGC Programming Clock pin
GND Ground pin, 0V

The image below shows the ICSP connection sequence of the programmer according to the hardware design.
If you design your own PCB or create on breadboard, found here, you must follow the sequence accordingly to successfully program your intended PICs.
(Note:On different programmers such as PICKIT2 or Junebug, the arrangement are different. These five pins are the basic requirement in programming PICs)

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